New Software Lets People See Everything On Your Instagram Account

Given the numerous social media in this age, there are many people who are willing to spend their every sentiment and every activity that they do. This is really an opportunity for people to connect and share information with other people in their network. But there are still people who are making use of the privacy settings of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

The privacy setting limits access to the profile pages of people who have activated them. You have to be friends with them in Facebook and you have to be a follower in Instagram.

The privacy setting has been a great help in keeping out stalkers for people who only want to connect with their closest of friends. However, there are many software right now that would help people gain access to those profiles set in private mode. An example of these hacking tools is the private instagram viewer.

To the surprise of many users, private instagram viewer is actually an easy software to use. This cannot have been made better as users can access the profiles they want to see with just minimum information requirements. They users of the hack tool just the username and the tool will do the rest to gain access. After the tool has done its job, the user of the hack tool can then explore the contents of the target account even up to the private photos the account owner may have reserved for the closest of his friends.

Adding to the surprise, the hacking tool is actually free to use. The developers are actually bringing the software to the market free of charge. And with this, users can also use the application as much as they want to. They can stalk and invade the accounts of as many people they want to hack.

While hacking a person’s account, it is an issue for the hacker if the owner would know that they are being hacked. This would not be the case when using this hacking tool. While using the tool, the hacker would still stay perfectly anonymous. The profile account owners would also not be notified that someone else is accessing their Instagram account. This would be of great use as the internal security system of Instagram would not be able to detect the hacking tool taking account throughout their system. The hacking tool can give users access to different account while keeping the user perfectly safe. This is the dream come true for any stalker on earth!